IGDA Chapter/Club Meeting Wednesday May 1!

IGDA Chapter Meeting

Wednesday, May 1 on Skype
4:00 PM Pacific time / 7:00 PM Eastern time

All AIO GAD&MAA students are welcome, even if you have not yet joined the IGDA!

You can call in two ways:

1) Call from any land line or mobile phone to 412.927.0294
2) Call me directly through Skype (sara.wade.ai)

Once you call/Skype in I’ll add you to the group call.


•   What do we want to accomplish as a chapter?
•   Upcoming project ideas: Possible game competitions, etc.
•   Speakers – is there interest in coordinating a speaker interview session?
•   Officers – What officers do we need and how will we get them?
•   Blog – what kind of content would you like to see? Want to write for it?
•   Membership

I hope to talk to you all then!


Top 10 Reasons to Join IGDA

Looking for a reason to get off your butt and join us?

Here are our top ten:

  1. International Game Developers Association looks awesome on your resume!
  2. Opportunities to hold leadership positions within the chapter
  3. Access to industry events as well as discounts to events like GDC
  4. Opportunities to work on club game development projects
  5. IGDA scholarship possibilities for E3 and GDC
  6. Job leads and career path help from student and faculty members
  7. Networking with other GAD students and gaming professionals
  8. A chance to advocate on issues that affect the developer community
  9. National IGDA Perspectives Newsletter
  10. For students of Art Institute it costs only $10!


Email swade@aii.edu or check your classroom announcements for instructions.