IGDA Chapter Club Meeting Tonight (Thursday, May 9)!

IGDA Chapter Meeting

Thursday, May 9 on Skype
4:00 PM Pacific time / 7:00 PM Eastern time

All AIO GAD&MAA students are welcome, even if you have not yet joined the IGDA!

You can call in two ways:

1) Call from any land line or mobile phone to 412.927.0294
2) Call me directly through Skype (sara.wade.ai)

Once you call/Skype in I’ll add you to the group call.


1. Blog accounts created – guidelines for the blog
2. Email blast – who wants to write one of these up?
3. Membership dues – it’s $30 now, so if you got it for $10, you lucked out.
4. Skill sets – We’ve got skills!
5. Researched Drop Box and Google Drive for possible storage
6. Set up a Google calendar for IGDA meetings (If we all agree on this I’ll create the Google account, calendar, drive and docs area for the group and invite everyone. Google calendar could possibly be integrated into the blog as a widget for meeting times/dates)
7. Facebook Page – Thank you to Allen Andrews for setting it up: http://www.facebook.com/groups/640471872645868
8. Game Ideas and Competition Ideas
9. Official chapter recognition – does anyone want to take this on?

I hope to talk to you all then!


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