Meeting Notes from May 16 Meeting

IGDA Meeting Notes – Thursday, May 16, 2013

1. Administrative business

  • Meeting schedule a month out agreed this is OK. Please subscribe tot he blog for meeting announcements.
  • GotoMeeting – We may try to use this next time. Check blog for details.
  • Meeting recordings – Andrew is going to try to record the next meeting. Where can we put the recording? Google docs/drive?
  • Cards – contact – She’s the operations manager
  • Chapter status update: Contacted to find out about chapter status, partnership contact. No word yet.
  • Blog – Don’t forget to categorize and tag your posts. Also check out the awesome post Johnathon Haney wrote on Bioshock’s portrayal of female characters!
  • Email blast update – has been written and set to legal for approval. This can take up to a month.
  • Google Stuff – Email Danielle to be added tot he google drive/docs for Tedi – email address:
  • Blog link in campus common – let’s hold off and see if we can use the official IGDA logo for this – dependent on chapter status also

2. Tedi Game Development – Bethany has notes on this. See Google Drive for additional docs, etc.


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