Meeting Notes from May 23 Meeting

IGDA Meeting Notes – Thursday, May 23, 2013

  • Campus common link coming soon. We can also send content to the AI blog. Email me with articles if you have something (game updates, etc.) you want to share with the campus community.
  • Tools for next week’s meetings
    • Team Viewer: Free version – for non-commercial use – will try this next week. Look to blog for meeting info coming soon. (
    • Log me in – may also work if team viewer doesn’t work out.
  • Chapter Status
    • We need officers.
    • Let’s use the Facebook page to vote. Sara will email Allen about that.
  • Facebook Group
    • Can it be a private group? Let’s do that.
    • Can we add admins? Mr. Wise volunteered to be one.
  • A new movie is in the news that is very similar to our game. What do we do?
  • Game docs in Google Drive – Krell is going to stand in as producer and set up a GDD as well as a spreadsheet with everyone’s roles for Tedi. This will allow better project contact as well as smaller groups to meet and have work sessions in-between Thursday meetings. It was agreed that changes tot he GDD will be approved in a separate doc that Krell will set up for that purpose.

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