Meeting Notes for June 13 Meeting

IGDA Meeting Notes 6.13.2013

Membership Cards/Issues

  • National is on it. They have our list and will check their data. They have some data issues between new and old systems so we may have to send your data again if you joined for $10 through the old system
  • If you haven’t yet joined, please do so through the regular IGDA site ( – it’s only $30
  • If you joined at the $10 rate – that wasn’t supposed to happen. I think they are going to let it go because it’s not your fault so… lucky you.
  • Once they get through the data you should all be in the database and cards will soon follow.


  • We have our meetings now listed on the Campus Common Events Calendar
  • We have a “Top Ten Reasons to Join IGDA” post coming up on the Art Institute all-campus blog

We have officers!

  • Krell is our new Vice President! Congrats Krell!
  • Danielle is our new Treasurer. Keep that treasure chest safe and don’t forget to wear your pirate outfit!

IGDA Chapter Charter

  • I’ll get these forms submitted next week.

Let’s Make this Game!

  • Concept Doc – on Google drive – Check it out!
  • Read all about the characters, story, game play, levels, features, nightmares, teddy bears rainbows, etc. Thanks Jeanette for putting this all together for the group!
  • Start working on concept art this week – use the concept quality guide in the Google docs content area
  • Danielle is working on the function spec document next. It may not be done before the next meeting due to Week 5 of classes.
  • Targeted concept art. Check Facebook page for targeted concept directions from Jeanette.
  • This game is going to be awesome!

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