Meetings Notes for June 20 Meeting

IGDA Meeting Notes 6.20.2013

Membership Cards/Issues

  • No changes here yet – National has our list and will check their data. They have some data issues between new and old systems so we may have to send your data again if you joined for $10 through the old system
  • If you haven’t yet joined, please do so through the regular IGDA site ( – cost is $30
  • Once they get through the data you should all be in the database and cards will soon follow


  • Check out our meetings now listed on the Campus Common Events Calendar!
  • We still have a “Top Ten Reasons to Join IGDA” post coming up on the Art Institute all-campus blog – keep a look out for it!

IGDA Chapter Charter

  • Sara will get these forms submitted next week

Game Time!

  • Concept Doc is on Google Drive!
  • All character information is included – read all about it!
  • Continue working on concept art this week – use the concept quality guide in the Google docs content area
  • Danielle is continuing to work on the function spec document next
  • If you’d like to, feel free to post reference images aside your ideas/initial sketches so the group can gauge your target vision
  • Right now, we’re focusing on a lot of ideas, not exactly quality at this stage (meaning finished designs) – stick to the rough concept scope in the Project > Concepts Rough > Characters  section of the doc
  • Keep thinking about characters that would be easy to rig/animate and texture as you sketch out concepts!

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