Meeting Notes for July 11 Meeting

IGDA Meeting Notes 7.11.2013

Membership Cards/Issues

  • National still has some data issues between new and old systems
  • If you haven’t yet joined, please do so through the regular IGDA site ( – cost is $30
  • Once they get through the data you should all be in the database and cards will soon follow


  • Check out our meetings now listed on the Campus Common Events Calendar!
  • A post on our group is on the Campus Blog
  • Continue to post in your classes about our amazing Chapter! Post away!

IGDA Chapter Charter

  • Sent in membership forms – If you’re an officer, make sure your membership is up to date!

Game Time!

  • Functional Spec is on Google Drive – if you do not have access, please contact Danny Rich
  • Continue working on concept art this week – Start thinking about the environments/levels that players will have to navigate through
  • Feel free to post reference images aside your ideas/initial sketches so the group can gauge your target vision
  • Once we have these ideas down, we can begin to coordinate [enemy] character concepts to coincide with those environments

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