Meeting Notes for July 18 Meeting

IGDA Meeting Notes 7.18.2013

Membership Cards/Issues 

  • If you haven’t yet joined, please do so through the regular IGDA site ( – cost is $30
  • Once they get through the data you should all be in the database and cards will soon follow
  • Some of you have already gotten your cards – please be sure to give Sara your email addy (if you haven’t done so) so that the cards can be sent out to you. With any questions concerning cards, please contact Sara W.!


  • Check out our meetings now listed on the Campus Common Events Calendar! 
  • A post on our group is on the Campus Blog – we’re working on creating an article to pull in more potential members
  • Continue to post in your classes about our amazing Chapter!  

IGDA Chapter Charter

  • Sent in membership forms – If you’re an officer, make sure your membership is up to date!

Game Time!

  • If you haven’t yet, SIGN UP FOR OUR OFFICIAL FORUMS and get in on the conversation – – we will still be using Facebook for smaller chats and ideas, but most of our project will be organized and kept on the Enjin forums
  • Functional Spec is on Google Drive – if you do not have access, please contact Danny Rich
  • Continue working on environment concepts this week – Start thinking about the environments/levels that players will have to navigate through
  • Once we have these ideas down, we can begin to coordinate [enemy] character concepts to coincide with those environments
  • Sara will check on the Enjin/forum budget and could have an update on any financial sort of help from AiPOD next week 

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