IGDA Meeting Thursday, August 1 @ 4PM Central / 7 PM Eastern

IGDA Chapter Meeting

Thursday, August 1
4:00 PM Pacific time / 7:00 PM Eastern time

All AIO GAD & MAA students are welcome, even if you have not yet joined the IGDA!


1. Administrative stuff
2. Game time!

I hope to talk to you all then!

Please note: We will be trying Mumble this week as a potential replacement to Skype.

Info and Setup Instructions:

Label:  AI IGDA
Address: west1.voice.enjin.com
Port: 60879
Username: Your Name (Example: Jeanette)

Setup Guide:

1.  Download Mumble  http://mumble.sourceforge.net/
2.  Install + Reboot (if required)
3.  Launch Mumble Application + perform setup (set a press to talk key, configure microphone, etc).
4.  By default you should see the “Mumble Server Connect” window – if not press the “world” icon at the top menu beneath ‘server’.
5.  At the bottom of the “Mumble Server Connect” window click “Add New…” button.
6.  Input the following:

Label:  AI IGDA
Address:  west1.voice.enjin.com
Port: 60879
Username:  Your Name (Example:  Jeanette)

7.  Click “OK”
8.  The new server will be saved under “Favorite” in the “Mumble Server Connect” Window
9.  Click AI IGDA in the “Favorite” menu and select “Connect” at the bottom.
10.  If asked to verify the certificate press “yes”.
12.  Voila!


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