Meeting Notes for August 21 Meeting

8/21/2013 Meeting Notes



If you haven’t yet joined, please do so through the regular IGDA site ( – cost is $30

Project and Team Structure:

Splitting Krell’s position into multiple roles (Project Manager, Technical Director)

Allowing multiple leads per department to help alleviate workload per person.

Head to the Drive and list your preferred “task” in the new Member’s List

Project Scale + Timeline:

Decided to focus on creating a single level and adding additional levels at a later time.

Creating a timeline for production.  Having a schedule motivates and gives structure.

Snow Design:

Decided on Snow’s armor set and overall coloring – brown bear with colored armor dependent on Corruption and Purity levels.

Combat Systems:

Example: Corrupted Whirlwind = chaotic, burning, high damage fire.  Pure Whirlwind = golden, cleansing, healing fire

Benefit being easy to reuse attack animations with VFX re-textures.

Adds diversity to combat.

Still uses 0 UI for immersive game play.  

Current weapon will always be displayed (sheathed, on back, etc.) Use mouse wheel to scroll/change current weapon to next weapon.

Great Sword is first! Begin concepts/sword art/thinking about modeling.  


Hope Systems:

With elemental/emotion being tied directly to Snow’s attacks, Hope purpose being rethought.

Proposed as secondary character:  you can take over Hope to solve puzzles where she can fly to areas Snow can’t reach.

Proposed to have another skill tree specifically for Hope (trait her to act as extra HP for Snow, etc.)  More details in forum.

Corruption Killing/Saving Toys:

Instead of killing corrupted toys and getting prompt ‘kill’ or ‘save’.

Use new summoned weapon “Summon Needle/Thread” or “Summon Cleansing Power”

Right click stuns the toy.

Left click sews/cleanses the toy.

Options are now either kill with regular weapons or save with special weapon.

MINI GAME?  “Mini game” type level where Snow can choose to save or destroy toys in those levels. Weapon – One Heal type and one Destroy type (to keep it simple)  


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