IGDA Weekly Meetings and Workshop Schedule

In lieu of posting weekly announcements this post will serve as the schedule until it changes. Note: All meeting and workshops are held via Mumble. Directions for downloading and connecting to the IGDA server are below.

We have two meetings almost every week!

Tuesdays at 6PM Pacific/9PM Eastern

Thursdays @ 4PM Pacific/7PM Eastern

We also have student run skills workshops running on Saturday from February 22 through April 12. All workshops will be held on Mumble at 6PM Pacific/ 9 PM Eastern.

Saturday February 22nd  |  Concept Art

Saturday March 1st  |  Model Sheets

Saturday March 8th  |  3D Modeling

Saturday March 15th  |  UVW Unwrapping

Saturday March 22nd  | Texturing

Saturday March 29th  | Animation

Saturday April 5th  |  Asset Finalization + Unity Importing

Saturday April 12th |  C#  Intro to Programming for Unity

Mumble Server Info and Setup Instructions:

Label:  AI IGDA
Address: west1.voice.enjin.com
Port: 60879
Username: Your Name (Example: Jeanette)

Setup Guide:

1.  Download Mumble  http://mumble.sourceforge.net/
2.  Install + Reboot (if required)
3.  Launch Mumble Application + perform setup (set a press to talk key, configure microphone, etc).
4.  By default you should see the “Mumble Server Connect” window – if not press the “world” icon at the top menu beneath ‘server’.
5.  At the bottom of the “Mumble Server Connect” window click “Add New…” button.
6.  Input the following:

Label:  AI IGDA
Address:  west1.voice.enjin.com
Port: 60879
Username:  Your Name (Example:  Jeanette)

7.  Click “OK”
8.  The new server will be saved under “Favorite” in the “Mumble Server Connect” Window
9.  Click AI IGDA in the “Favorite” menu and select “Connect” at the bottom.
10.  If asked to verify the certificate press “yes”.
12.  Voila!


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