Top 10 Reasons to Join IGDA

Looking for a reason to get off your butt and join us?

Here are our top ten:

  1. International Game Developers Association looks awesome on your resume!
  2. Opportunities to hold leadership positions within the chapter
  3. Access to industry events as well as discounts to events like GDC
  4. Opportunities to work on club game development projects
  5. IGDA scholarship possibilities for E3 and GDC
  6. Job leads and career path help from student and faculty members
  7. Networking with other GAD students and gaming professionals
  8. A chance to advocate on issues that affect the developer community
  9. National IGDA Perspectives Newsletter
  10. For students of Art Institute it costs only $10!


Email or check your classroom announcements for instructions.


Epic + UE4 Support for HTML5 = ???

HTML5 is either the greatest thing for games, or the worst. Developing can be a challenge – like going 10 years backwards in time. Will Unreal Engine support mean a bright new future for HTML5 games? What will that mean for hardware makers? Gamers? Developers?

Check out this Gamasutra interview with Epic’s Tim Sweeney and Mark Rein for some interesting points: Interview: Epic goes all-in on HTML5 with UE4 support

Unable to Attend GDC this Year?


In a perfect world, we could all find the time and money to attend the Game Developers Conference every year. Unfortunately, the world is not perfect.

For those of you not in San Francisco for this awesome event, be sure to check out the GDC Vault for all kinds of great content from prior GDC events. There is plenty of free content available on the site. If you want the very latest up-to-the-minute videos you can also purchase a subscription for full access. If you are a 2013 GDC attendee you get subscription access with your conference pass.


Game Developers Conference in San Francisco!

GDC 2013

The annual Game Developers Conference is happening in San Francisco this week, March 25-29.

Some of the IGDA events going on there are:

  • IGDA Booth: The IGDA Booth will be in the South Hall lobby. Be sure to visit!
  • IGDA Annual Meeting: Don’t miss this critical membership meeting and an overview of the org’s past year and its future! Join us Thursday, 28 March from 13:00 – 14:00 (occurs during lunch break) in South Hall, Room 308 (Esplanade level).
  • The IGDA Advocacy Track: During the Main Conference, the IGDA is presenting a series of sessions that will highlight important topics such as improving the public image of the game industry, dealing with misogyny in the online gaming space, quality of life topics around “crunch time” and more.
  • IGDA-YetiZen Party: After another year in the game development trenches the league of epic game developers at the International Game Developers Association and YetiZen have teamed up to bring you 2013’s Epic GDC bash…Yetis on Ice! Note: This party will explicitly adhere to the GDC Code of Conduct; unacceptable behavior will not be tolerated!

New Member & Renewal Promotions

  • MOGA Membership Promotion: Any mobile game developer that signs up for or renews an IGDA membership at the IGDA Booth on Monday, 25 March or Tuesday, 26 March will be eligible to claim a MOGA Mobile Gaming System. This promotion applies to new sign ups or renewals that take place at the IGDA Booth on Monday and Tuesday of GDC only. Existing lifetime members are unable to participate in this promotion.
  • Corona Labs Membership Promotion: On Wednesday-Friday, any new or renewing IGDA membership is eligible for 3 months free use of Corona Labs Pro. This promotion applies to new sign ups or renewals that take place at the IGDA Booth Wednesday-Friday of GDC only. Existing lifetime members are unable to participate in this promotion.

Check out the full conference site for detail and daily news!